Welcome to the Wiki of “pyglasma3d_numba”! #

About this Project #

This project is a port of the pyglasma3d project to Python 3. It uses the Numba open source JIT compiler to parallelize and accelerate the code and also offers Numba based GPU acceleration with CUDA (so it is limited to compatible Nvidia GPUs).
The currently present version is still in development and does lack lots of the features from the original pyglasma3d.

Roadmap #

  • v0.6
    full documentation of what is implemented
    final documentation, properly done with GitLab Pages + minimal READMEs (short, links to wiki)

  • v0.X
    will have the interpolate charges loops fixed
    and optimal init? with unified jit and minimal copying
    fix for em tensor parallelization

  • v1.0
    final optimizations,
    perfect code

  • v1.X / vX.X
    adding more features from the original pyglasma3d code
    porting necessary modules to python

Pyglasma3d-Numba Project #

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